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the adventures of a post-post-grad and ex-ex-pat

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i left this space some time ago. there is, indeed, an ersatz, but as with most things in life, it's only exclusively available.

2raumwohnung, 80s, accents, al halal fried chicken, american psycho, angel islington, avocados, barcelona, bayern, beaches, belts, berlin, bertoldt brecht, bjork, bret easton ellis, brick lane, bridget jones' diary, brit pop, cabaret, california, camus, carrie bradshaw, ceilidh, chanel, charity shops, chennai, chicago, chicks on speed, christian dior, cocktails, coldplay, colgate university, continental philosophy, cosmopolitans, covent garden, dancing, danish dogme films, david lachapelle, deutschland, diesel, dogville, dresden, earrings, east village, edinburgh, edward munch, edward norton, elektroclash, eyebrows, fashion, fornarina, freiburg, fulbright, german, german wurst, gossip girl, gustav klimt, gwen stefani, h&m, heidegger, heidegger gesamtausgabe, hermeneutics, humous, husserl, india, interpol, jamaican beef patties, jet-setting, jude law, kareoke, kill bill, korean bbq, kylie minogue, ladytron, lars von trier, laura mercier, levinas, lip gloss, lola rennt, lomography, london, lower east side, magazines, makeovers, makeup, manolo blahnik, manu chao, maroon 5, mascara, massive attack, miss kittin, miss sixty, modest mouse, morcheeba, mulholland drive, naomi watts, nars, nietszche, nora jones, nyc, oasis, olive, oscar wilde, oxbridge, oxide & neutrino, peaches, phenomenology, philosophy, photek, pointy shoes, portishead, regensburg, requiem for a dream, sade, santa monica, sartre, scandinavia, scissor sisters, scotland, sein und zeit, sephora, sex and the city, shakespeare, shanghai, shoes, shopping, so solid crew, soho nyc, st. andrews, stereo total, stockholm, synthpop, t.s. eliot, the killers, the seventh seal, the streets, third street promenade, thomas mann, titus andronicus, travelling, triphop, uk garage, united kingdom, vienna, vintage bags and shoes, vogue, wittgenstein, wolfsheim, yuppie bashing

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